How to buy jewellery for someone else

Buying jewellery for someone else can be tricky. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, your sister or your mother, it’s worth thinking carefully and following these guidelines before you splurge on something. After all, you want to be sure she’ll love it as much as you do.

As a side note: Ladies, feel free to share this with those around you, it might make all the difference between receiving well-meant but not-quite-right gifts and being given things you actually love!

Buy for her style, not yours

It’s easy to indulge your own tastes and forget that jewellery is an expression of her personality. You need to really try and understand her style in order to choose something she’s going to love.

Take a good look at the style of her favourite pieces, the ones she wears all the time. Are they delicate, bold, classic or quirky jewellery? Also, try to gaze what she usually likes to wear saree, suit, dress, denims etc. List can be very long

What kind of items of jewellery does she prefer: does she love to wear bracelets, stud earrings, drop earrings, or pendant necklaces? If she never wears drop earrings, don’t buy drop earrings just because you think they’ll look great on her. Instead, try and find jewellery that echoes her taste.

Consider her color tone

Consider the colour of her jewellery: does she mostly wear gold, metal tones or silver? What color stones does she like? What does her skin/hair/eye colouring suit? Does she mostly wear earthy, warm colours, cool colours, or can she wear both?

In general, people with warm coloring tends to look better in gold jewellery, whereas people with cooler tones will look better in silver colored jewellery. She could have a neutral coloring, in which case she’ll look good in both. Examples of this are brown hair with light brown eyes, or black hair with bright black eyes.

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Learn her shopping style

Take note when she gets excited about a piece of jewellery. Even if that particular rock is well out of your budget, perhaps you could find something similar that she’ll also love. She may well drop hints about things she’s seen recently.

And if she loudly admires someone else’s new accessory, write it under “things to remember”.

Go for something that has a meaning

Choose something that will have a special meaning for her. Perhaps a bracelet or necklace that could remind her of old memories.

Ask someone close to her

This is not always a full proof option, but asking someone close to her for their opinion of an item could be helpful, or they could provide some direction if you have no idea where to start.

If nothing sums up then, Keep it classic

If you’re buying jewellery for someone you don’t know very well, and it’s not possible to work out their taste, limit yourself to something classic: a pair of jhumka or pendant necklace, for example.  Or you could go for something customized that could be related to her, like Jewellery Subscription Box where you can get almost everything keeping her style into consideration by our stylist in a prefect gift box. Problem solved!! #relieved

Ask her!

Even if it’s supposed to be a surprise, sometimes it’s worth gauging whether or not you’re on the right track: ask if she prefers rings or earrings, and whether statement jewellery or antique jewellery style appeals more to her. If it’s a piece of jewellery she’ll wear for the rest of her life, which is more important, that you chose it all by yourself, or that she really, really loves it?

Get a Gift Voucher

If you know they like jewellery, but you still can’t decide, how about a Gift Voucher? At Ticara Town, we can arrange a customized gift voucher and have done it previously for those last-minute gifts, or who would rather let the recipient choose their own gift – you really cannot go wrong! Write to us @ for details.

And finally…

If you are tempted to go a bit off beat, and get something that hopefully she loves but there’s a chance she might not adore, just make sure you get it from somewhere with a great returns policy like us.

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