Treating yourself this summer seems like the best idea to relax away from the heat. It does not mean you get to plan a trip out but it means to stay inside and get an indulgent manicure done with a nice colour touch to your fingernails. Give your fingers a little love by treating them lovingly. This way you can encourage yourself to go out and flaunt your beautiful hands even in this heat.
One thing that can make that effort worthwhile and give a new meaning to amazing is a classy statement ring to go with dazzling fingers of yours. Now this will complete your look and make you love yourself. After all, every girl and woman deserve to be treated equally beautifully.
Its time to let your fingers browse and choose from the shortlisted amazing Statement Rings.

Tassel to Dazzle

A winged beauty to the fingers with a crystal to catch the eye can be the perfect gem of your hands to flaunt your colorful personality wide. The softness in the form of Tassels is what finds its way to the heart. Let yourself enjoy the treat of trendy hand ornament from Ticara Town.

Romantic Charm

Something that charms the hearts of every woman is a shiny Druzy stone worked upon into a fashionable jewellery article. A rare yet simple piece of stone has a glittering effect on the viewer enhancing the ever-beautiful personality of women. Easily the romantic preference, this ring can be your way into the heart of someone you love by making a statement of their special value in your life.

Multi with Style

At times what you need is to make a statement with multiple stress areas instead of a single focal point. In other words, the latest trend invites the multi-colored theme in the picture as well as multi-stoner for a larger impact. Glittering multicolored to match with every dress for every occasion while multi-stoner definitely gives off a dominant aura making every move of your hands impactful.

Classic Fantasy

Having the love of fantasy characters, books and stories can make you want to express that love openly. With a statement fantasy jewel on your fingers, you can fulfill that wish and flaunt your style in your way. With an evil eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings or a Mystical Cupid’s Arrow with the hands, you can finish your look by diving into a mythical world.
These statement rings are perfect for every occasion and every gathering you attend because they are neither traditional nor explicitly western. They are all here to make a statement of who you are and to enamour you. The kind of ring on your hand can express your personality as a soft, calm, erratic, mystical, fun, dominant, leader, strong attitude, classy and so on.

So, let your fingers guide you through the selection process of the perfect statement ring that shouts out ‘YOU’ to you only at Ticara Town.

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