Every girl and woman love pretty jewellery. But what most of you have experienced is turmoil and anguish when you take out a piece of jewellery and find it lacking the usual lustre and beauty. NO matter if what you own is made of gold, silver, diamond or any other non-metallic material, but you still have it in your hands to care for it and make it last longer. So, before you realise you were too late to start caring, get on it now and ensure the lasting beauty stays as you enjoy your jewellery for longer.
A few measures and pointers might really come in handy when you wish to preserve the glow of a jewellery piece.
  1. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery while going for sports as it can prevent any lasting damage from happening. After all, sports can be rough and wearing delicates can lead to breaking or tangling making it lose its shine, its plating or even the physical appearance.
  2. Store your jewellery in a tight container or jewellery box to avoid physical damage as well as reaction to dust and chemicals in the air.
  3. Prevent storing multiple pieces in the same pouch of the area to avoid tangling and thereby rubbing that may cause physical harm to your jewellery.
  4. Ensure that you wear your jewellery after you are absolutely ready before going out. This is to ensure that you do not put makeup, powders, hair products, perfumes or deo over jewellery thereby causing a chemical reaction and hence tarnish.
  5. It is always better to clear the jewellery before keeping it away in storage to clean out any residues of dust accumulated from use.
  6. Always use a soft cloth to clean out your jewellery. Do no use any detergents or other chemical substances that might cause reactions.
  7. Add chalk to you jewellery box containing silver jewellery to prevent it from getting tarnished. As chalk tends to absorb all the moisture.
  8. Avoid wearing the same pieces of jewellery continuously for days, especially in summer. The salt in your sweat could gradually erode the gold or silver plating on your favourite piece.
All of these pointers, if you keep in mind, would result in lasting beauty and shine of your jewellery pieces that you can enjoy on many occasions and events. 
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