Bracelets: Lovable Hand Ornaments

Getting ready to go out? Well, you might be forgetting a crucial dress-up item, a statement bracelet. Getting out means waving about hands in various fashions. So why not decorate those beautiful hands and wrists with some classic and trendy trinkets? Let the light bounce back from a stone and mirror pieces on your hand... Continue Reading →

How to buy jewellery for someone else

Buying jewellery for someone else can be tricky. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, your sister or your mother, it’s worth thinking carefully and following these guidelines before you splurge on something. After all, you want to be sure she’ll love it as much as you do. As a side note: Ladies, feel free to share... Continue Reading →


Treating yourself this summer seems like the best idea to relax away from the heat. It does not mean you get to plan a trip out but it means to stay inside and get an indulgent manicure done with a nice colour touch to your fingernails. Give your fingers a little love by treating them... Continue Reading →

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